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Marriage Officiant

The Lander County Clerk's Office files authorizations to perform marriages.  The Secretary of State's Office maintains a list of marriage officiants in the State of Nevada who have been licensed and approved, or to those who have been granted a temporary license by the Clerk's Office.

The Clerk fee is $30 and can be paid by cash or check. 

You can search an officiant by name, church affiliation or county by using the Nevada Marriage Officiant Public Search tool.  The tool only searches “Military” and “Permanent” officiants with an “ACTIVE” status. Please contact us if you do not see an officiant or need to verify an officiant, or if you wish to obtain officiant authorization.

For those doing business as a sole proprietor marriage officiant, a Nevada State Business License is required.  If you are a marriage officiant contractor, receive a 1099 and/or do not receive a W-2 for performing marriage officiant duties, a state business license is required. To obtain a State Business License application click here or a State Business License may be obtained online at

Note: If you are an employee who receives a W-2 from a business entity for performing marriage officiant duties, or if you are certified to perform a single marriage, a separate State Business License is not required. If you already have a valid sole proprietor State Business License you will not need to obtain an additional State Business License.

Statutes governing marriage in the State of Nevada may be found in NRS Chapter 122.  Statutes and regulations pertaining to the State Business License may be found in NRS Chapter 76 and NAC Chapter 76.