Public Works

Written by Lander County Public Works   

Lander County Public Works Mission Statement

Lander County Public Works is comprised of Road and Bridge, north and south as well as the Water and Sewer Department in Battle Mountain. For questions regarding Public Works, within Lander County, please call 775-635-2728. Supervisor is Bert Ramos.

Office Staff:
Jacob Edgar, Foreman - 635-2728
Tammy, Dimitroff - 635-2728
Aly Rodriguez, Exec. Secretary - 635-2190

Field Staff:
JLee Smith, Water and Sewer Leadman
John Snapp, Water and Sewer Tech
Nash Beverland, Water and Sewer Tech

Kim Calkins, Golf Course Leadperson - 635-8488
Yvette Hacker, Golf Course Greenskeeper
Club House - 635-2380

Battle Mountain Pool - 635-3346